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CNC – VKP Trstenik

CNC-VKP machining of Trstenik is a relatively young company founded at the beginning of 2018 years. It was founded in the experience of the expert staff of 12 years in the processing of metal on CNC machines and in programming the same. Quality, flexibility and reliability in metal processing are characteristics that our company is extremely proud of, and all in combination with experience and rich knowledge in the field of metal processing. CNC VKP Services of the scraped grinding miling.

VKP – CNC offers a wide range of CNC machine Services for small, medium and large production systems. Quality and respected deadlines are the results of modern mode of work and organization of business, experience, knowledge of our professional staff.

Existing equipment meets the strictest requirements of domestic and international standards. Respecting European quality standards and using premium technology, our qualified staff can offer you a complete product project.

We are able to offer the creation of a large range of demanding and precise mechanical parts according to the technical documentation of the clients, both individual parts and serial.

We also work in producing documentation for production and writing programs for CNC processing and milking.



Our Services


We may adapt our CNC services to your unique production needs. Regardless of whether you need a prototype or a fully functional product for the end user.

For many years we have invested in professional advancement of employees to be prepared for all potential market demands. We also follow the development and requirements of modern technologies in metal processing, both on our and international market.

CNC Turning Service

Machine processing on CNC power, we guarantee that you will get finished products that will exceed high standards in terms of quality, accuracy and precision.

CNC miling Service

CNC milesting Services is a great solution for creating parts of various complex forms of narrow tolerance on smaller dimension pieces. At the same time, it provides a budget solution for short production works.

CNC Grinding Service

CNC cranes for round grinding are used for grinding between the spikes or grinding of the work piece clenched in the clout head. With these machines, working pieces can be grinding with a cylindrical or contusable shape.

Repair of Metal Products

In our offer we service the overhaul and repairs of various assemblies in agriculture and the overhaul of hydraulic cylinders for various types of use.

CNC Machine Programming Services

Automated programming (using a computer) involves programming certain sequence programs, automated application of specialized software on your computer. A technologist programmer defines parameters such as dimensions, tool paths, tool selection, processing mode, and so on.

Elaboration of documentation for the production process

Design and development of pieces according to your desire and purpose is done by using the appropriate program on CNC and classical machines according to sample, 2D or 3D drawing. Precision in drafting, respecting the agreed deadlines and the quality of the product is our priority.

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